University Of Cape Town (UCT) Grading System

By | December 30, 2022

University Of Cape Town (UCT) Grading System

The UCT grading system is one of percentage marks for course assessments with grades classified as first, second (with divisions one and two), and third.

Grades are awarded at the end of the semester for individual courses and are usually based on the final invigilated examination as well as continuous assessment through the semester (assignments, tutorials and tests).

When we release your final transcript, we will include a recommended grade conversion table which your home university can use as a guide for establishing equivalency with its own grading scales. As grade conversion varies from one university to another, you should liaise with your home institution for details about how it converts your UCT grades.

UCT gradesIn the USEuropean Credit
Transfer and
System (ECTS)
In the UK
75-100% First ClassAA1 (first)
70-74% Second Class (Division One)B+A2.1 (upper second)
60-69% Second Class (Division Two)BB2.2 (lower second)
50-59% Third ClassC55-59% C
50-55% D
3 (third)
0-49% FailF40-49% E
30-39% FX
0-29% F
DPR: Duly performed certificate refused (not permitted to write examination)FFFail
AB: Absent from examinationFFFail

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