University Of Cape Town (UCT) Actuarial Science

By | December 29, 2022

University Of Cape Town (UCT) Actuarial Science

What is Actuarial Science?

Actuarial science is a discipline that involves maths and stats methodology to assess risk in insurance, finance, and other industries as well as professions.

What type of person would be interested in Actuarial Science?

This field is a good fit for anyone who loves maths, analysing data and using the well-thought-out methodology to find conclusions. Actuarial Science is also a fantastic field for anyone who likes evaluating risks and maintaining the economic stability of insurance or financial organisations.

University Of Cape Town (UCT) Actuarial Science Admission Requirement

Bachelor of Actuarial Science Programmes at UCT

The faculty of commerce provides a comprehensive guide to the field of actuarial science and South Africa and the different career options available to prospective and/or current students. Please consult the webpage for more information.

Three Year Undergraduate Degrees
Bachelor of Business Science (BBusSc)
(4 or 5 year degree)

Actuarial Science
Actuarial Science (Quantitative Finance)

Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) (3 or 4 year degree)
Actuarial Science
Actuarial Science (Quantitative Finance)

Postgraduate Degrees

Bachelor of Commerce (Hons)
Actuarial Conversion Course:
postgraduate diploma for non-actuarial graduates, generally extending over two years of full-time study
Postgraduate Diploma in Actuarial Science
Masters Programme in Actuarial Science
by coursework and dissertation or long paper
Masters programme in Mathematical Finance – by coursework and dissertation
PhD in Actuarial Science

What are the career opportunities for actuarial science?

Career Opportunities:

Actuaries are also increasingly moving into other fields like health insurance, solvency measurements and asset- liability management, financial risk management, mortality and morbidity investigation and so on, where their analytical skills can be employed.

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