UNISA Grade R Diploma Fees Structure

By | December 16, 2022

UNISA Grade R Diploma Fees Structure

Grade R is the year of study before Grade one.

The education at the Grade R level is meant to prepare children for structured lessons with formal curriculums. This means that Grade R is a level that intensely lays a solid foundation for the academic developments of children new to the schooling system.

Grade R courses at University are created mainly to teach people how to educate children at the Grade R level.

UNISA – the University Of South Africa is one of the most prominent and reputable universities in South Africa. The institution consistently works towards equipping students with the right skills to become experts at the various fields of study they choose.

UNISA is one of the best institutions in South Africa to study Grade R teaching courses. 

UNISA Grade R Courses Fees

Name of Course/ProgrammeCost per moduleCost per programme
Short course in the functionality of school governing bodiesR5400.00R5400.00
Programme for Career Guidance PractitionersR1000.00R5000.00
Programme for Practitioners in early childhood developmentR1550.00R6200.00
Course in dealing with problem behaviour of childrenR1350.00R2700.00
Short course in sport managementR3000.00R3000.00
Course in school managementR1600.00R3200.00
Short course in Gifted Child EducationR3000.00R3000.00
Course in Early Learning Support (CELS) from birth to five yearsR1750.00R7000.00
Introduction to Leadership, Administration, Law and Policy PracticesR6000.00R6000.00
Short course in Norm and Standards in Early Childhood EducationR5400.00R5400.00
Short course in The support of Children at RiskR3500.00R3500.00
Teaching Methodologies in EducationR4500.00R4500.00
Short course in Multigrade teaching methodologies and assessment in schoolR3000.00R3000.00
Course in sport psychologyR1800.00R3600.00
Course in Education Management in Early Childhood DevelopmentR1850.00R5550.00
Programme in Grade R TeachingR1300.00R6500.00
Course in teaching foundation phase mathematicsR2000.00R4000.00
Programme in language Teaching in foundation phaseR750.00R3000.00
Course in mathematics teaching (intermediate and senior phase)R2000.00R4000.00
Course in mathematics teaching (FET band)R1100.00R4400.00
Course in Teaching Foundation Phase MathematicsR2000.00R4000.00
Certificate programme for mathematics literacy for FET teachersR1100.00R4400.00
Programme in technology educationR3500.00R3500.00
Course in Life Skills TeachingR5400.00R5400.00
Shourt course in Teaching Biodiversity: Life Science Grades 10 – 12R5000.00R5000.00
Intergrating Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in teaching and learningR4000.00R4000.00
Short course in the design of integrated assessment for learning programmesR2800.00R2800.00
Course for environmental educatorsR5000.00R5000.00
Short course in the functionality of school governing bodiesR5400.00R5400.00
Course in teaching foundation phase mathematicsR2000.00R4000.00
Programme in Advanced counselling programmeR1100.00R3300.00
Short course in Braille Literacy for Teachers and PractitionersR5400.00R5400.00

How long is Diploma in Grade R at Unisa?

Duration: 1 (One) year which includes a compulsory three weeks practical teaching period in a Grade R class. All 5 modules to be registered in one academic year.

How many points needed for Diploma in Grade R at Unisa?

The Diploma in Grade R Teaching at Unisa is presented on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) exit Level 6 with minimum total credits of 360, earned over a minimum of three years.

How Much Do Grade R Teachers Earn Per Month In South Africa

Grade R teachers earn quite a lot in South Africa. Besides, per month, the average salary for Grade R teachers is around R7411. 

General resources: websites, and general SMS, fax and e-mail enquiries

A number of administrative processes, including the convenience of fee payments and information about examinations are available on the following platforms:

  • All application, registration and study-related information is available on the Unisa corporate website in both web and mobi formats.
  • The myUnisa website.
  •  Fax enquiries to 012 429 4150

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