UNEB PLE Grading System

By | December 9, 2022

UNEB PLE Grading System

PLE Grading System In Uganda – Check details on PLE Grading Scale In Uganda

To all parents, students, old students and all stakeholders

I convey greetings to you all. I congratulate you on the New Year 2016 and extend my sympathies to all that had unpleasant experiences while we were out of touch.

The term has officially opened today 22nd February 2016. Senior one and continuing students have reported and senior five students are expected to report on 29th February 2016 between 8:00AM and 6:00PM

Dear parents, please respect the time as the term seems to be too short. We are however determined to work harder, use all the available time at our disposal and catch up with the syllabus coverage.

The PLE Grading System In Uganda

Subjects of PLE:

  • At this current time, PLE has four subjects – 1. English language, 2. Mathematics, 3. Science and 4. Social studies.

PLE Grading System Uganda:

  • The best possible mark pupils can achieve is a total of four (which means one point – a distinction – in each subject), while the worst is a total of 36 (nine points for each subject, which means a fail).
  • Students who score between 4 to 12 points means they pass the PLE with a first grade, or division one.
  • Students who score between 13 to 23 means they pass the PLE with second grade (division two).

PLE Grading System In Uganda

  • In similar way students who score between 24 to 29 means, they pass PLE exam the third grade.
  • In similar way students who score between 30 to 34 means, they pass PLE exam with a fourth grade.

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