UNEB Division Grading System

By | December 11, 2022

UNEB Division Grading System For 2023/2024

To all parents, students, old students and all stakeholders

I convey greetings to you all. I congratulate you on the New Year 2023 and extend my sympathies to all that had unpleasant experiences while we were out of touch.

The term has officially opened today 22nd February 2023. Senior one and continuing students have reported and senior five students are expected to report on 29th February 2023 between 8:00AM and 6:00PM

Dear parents, please respect the time as the term seems to be too short. We are however determined to work harder, use all the available time at our disposal and catch up with the syllabus coverage.

The UCE results were released early this year and our school had a very tremendous improvement from 63% to 77% having 46 students in DIVISION ONE and 14 students in DIVISION TWO. We are working hard this year to make it even better.

Despite the increase in UNEB grading for UACE, we have continuously made it at A-level. We had one student with 20 POINTS out of 47 in the whole country with a good number of students scoring 19 & 18 points.

Note that we registered very good grades in sciences. Whereas there was no A in biology in the whole country, we (Namirembe Hillside S S) managed to score 4 Bs in this subject.

Change of UACE Grading

Children should be brought back to school as early as possible, concentrate and work hard so as to score the required distinctions required to score As. In the new grading, a student must score only distinctions in order to score an A.

Parents are urged to understand the nature of the grading system so as not to condemn their children and teachers.

For instance, the old grading system was as follows

3 Papers2 Papers
2-7= A2-5=A

With effect from 2015 UACE, for one to get an A, you must have not exceeded 4 aggregates for a two paper subject and no credit must appear in either of the subsequent papers of that subject as it was in previous years. They must be distinction throughout. For example, 1,1; 1,2; 2,2; 2,1 earns a student an A while 1,3; 3,1 earns a student a B yet the sub-total is the same (4)

For subjects with 3 papers, the student must score 2,2,3 or only distinctions (1s or 2s) not exceeding 7. Even if a student score a sub-total of 7 but exceeds a 3 in any of the subsequent papers i.e 1,1,5; such a student scores a B instead of an A even though the sub-total is 7 aggregates.

The situation gets worse as you move to grade B,C,D and E

In summary, it is not easy as it used to be, students, staff and administration must work harder and parents should come in to understand these changing trends so that together we can keep the standards of the school

I am optimistic that this new change is a positive step towards giving quality to our children and avoiding inflation of marks as it has been with the previous system. It also gives quality to the kind of products we do send to the universities

I thank you so much for all the efforts, congratulate our students at O and A level for the very good results. I wish you a successful, peaceful 2023

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