UBTEB May/June Examination Results

By | December 9, 2022

UBTEB May/June Examination Results


Hon. Minister of Education and Sports, Uganda Business and Technical Examination

Board (UBTEB) conducted its 18th series of Final year examinations from Monday 30th November to Tuesday 17th December, 2022 in 210 accredited Examination Centres


Today you will be releasing results for candidates who joined Training Institutions in August, completed their formal training and were assessed in December.

The following categories of programmes were assessed;

(1) Technical Diploma Programmes,

(2) Business Diploma & Certificate Programmes and

(3) Physical & Biological Diploma & Certificate Programmes.

Hon. Minister , you may recall that, the Ministry of Education and Sports, obtained support from the World Bank under the Uganda Skills Development Project (USDP) to promote employer led Competence Based Education and Training (CBET).

The aim of these programmes was to address skills gap in the priority areas of the economy as spelt out by the National Development Plan II. The Priority Areas are: Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Construction, and Agriculture.



This document has been developed to guide all Heads of UBTEB Examination Centers on how to print examinations results from the online system, and it MUST only be used for the intended purpose. The Results printed from the online system are provisional and will be subject to final confirmation by the Board.

2.0REQUIREMENTS : UBTEB Examination Results

1)Computer with the following functionalities;

a.Internet access

b.Portable Document Format (PDF) reader installed

c.A working Printer connected to the PC.

d.Printing papers

e.The login Username & Password

1) Access the UBTEB online system using the website:http://emis.ubteb.go.ug:8080/

2)The webpage below will open for you to type the Username and Password.

3)A new window will open as below.

4)Use the following information to fill the form which opened after clicking Result List.

a)Examination Center: Select your Center Number or Leave Blank

b)Program: Choose carefully the correct program name and Code from the list.

c)Academic Year: Is the year, in which the Student first entered to sit UBTEB exams for that specific program.

Note the following examples;

i.Candidates who sat for the first time in Nov/Dec 2020, their academic year is 2020/2021,

ii.Candidates who sat for the first time in May/June 2020, their academic year is also 2019/2020.

iii.Candidates who sat for the first time in Nov/Dec 2020, their academic year is 2020/2021.

iv.Candidates who will sit for the first time in May/June 2021, their academic year is 2020/2021.

v.Candidates who will sit for the first time in Nov/Dec 2020, and May/June 2020, their academic year is 2020/2021,

vi.Intake: For Candidates who sat or will sit for the first in May/June Examination series, their intake is March. And for Candidates who sat or will sit for the first time in the Nov/Dec Examination series, their intake is August. UBTEB May/June Examination Results

Remember that Academic Year or Intake at UBTEB is NOT necessarily the year or month in which a candidate joined the Training Institution, but only as explained above.

5)Fill in the form below using the above information and click Search Tab at the bottom to download your results

Look for a PDF file generated (i.e. a pop up) on the Top Right, or Bottom Left Corner of your computer screen.

You Must enable pop ups in your browser or check the location/ directory for your downloaded file in your computer to locate the Results list.

You can decide to print the list on a paper and or keep the soft copies of the PDF files.

Repeat step 5) above for all your programs and class/year depending on the candidates and programs you may have.

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