2023 UBTEB Grading System

By | December 9, 2022

2023 UBTEB Grading System

(1) The Board shall award grades based on the examination syllabi developed by the Board and guided by the curriculum for each programme/course.

(2) In grading the Board shall apply the grading system for both Diploma and Certificate programmes based on the syllabi.

(3) A candidate shall be required to attain a Pass mark determined by the Board in all the modules of the examination at the end of each semester/year.

(4) The Board may consider awarding Certificate or Diploma to a candidate who has passed a certain minimum number of modules considered core for given competencies in the world of work.

The Board shall then allow such Candidates to pass through ‘Conceded Pass’ (CP) arrangements.

This will be for a candidate who will not have attained GP of 2.0 and above even after three (3) attempts of retaking a module, but has achieved a CGPA of 2.0 and have attained competencies in some modules to enable him/her gain employment in the world of work or proceed to a different career path in education and training.
A “Conceded Pass” will be a pass granted for a course in which a final year candidate is not able to obtain a pass mark in the course assessment despite retaking a paper three times.

The Board shall during the time of consideration of examination results, identify and grant students eligible for Conceded Passes.

A Candidate will be eligible for a conceded pass under the following conditions:-

i).The Conceded Passes are granted at the discretion of Board and Candidates are not automatically entitled to the Conceded Passes and may not request them.

ii) The pass is conceded on the basis that the Candidate’s overall performance in other courses for the programme has been sufficiently strong to counter the deficient percentage in that particular course.

iii) A candidate’s final mark in a Course is in the range of 40 – 49% inclusive and the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) for the student will be at least 2.0.

iv) A Candidate has attempted the paper, at least three times. The better of the grades earned will be used for awarding a Conceded pass.

v) Whether the course is required for professional accreditation; or it is necessary for a Candidate to demonstrate professionalism

vi) The number of conceded passes for a Candidate will be restricted to only two courses.

vii) In case a Candidate who does not qualify for conceded pass as stipulated above the existing provision in the semester regulations will guide as the case may be.

viii) A granted Conceded Pass will be recorded on the Candidates academic Transcript by indicating the true percentage /grade achieved, and “CP” as the grading code.

Grading Scales:



CBE2104 Introduction to Business Ethics

CBF2102 Fundamentals of Business Finance

CCO2103 Elements of Cost Accounting

CFM2101 Fundamentals of Management

CHR2105 Elements of Human Resource Management

-1.0 – -1.0
0.0 -34.4
34.5 -39.4
39.5 – 44.4
44.5 – 49.4
49.5 – 54.9
55.0 – 59.9
60.0 – 64.9
65.0 – 69.9

70.0 – 74.9
75.0 – 79.9
80.0 – 100.0
Letter Grade MS E D- D D+ C- C C+ B- B B+ A
Grade Point (G.P) -1.0 0.0 0.5 1.0 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0 4.5 5.0

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