Requirements For Opening A Kindergarten School In Kenya

By | December 13, 2022

Requirements For Opening A Kindergarten School In Kenya

Kindergarten in the Kenya is a program generally for 5-year-olds, but sometimes includes 4-to-6-year-olds, that offers developmentally appropriate learning opportunities to build the child’s social and academic skills and to prepare them for the tran

In this article Dashboardlogins tries to answer the question by publishing the Requirements For Opening A Kindergarten School in Kenya

Below are the Requirements For Opening A Kindergarten School In Kenya

Duly completed and signed application forms for the institution. The necessary information to be filled in includes;

  • Name and address of the institution
  • Situation of the proposed institution
  • Management
  • Classification of institution
  • Maximum number of pupils to be accommodated
  • Details of classes
  • Nature of buildings
  • Declaration by the applicant

2. Duly completed and signed application forms for the Manager of the institution.

3. A recent full school inspection report from the respective county education offices. The forms should be stamped and signed.

4. A stamped and signed detailed Public health/ Sanitary inspection report.

5. Title deed/allotment letter or a valid lease agreement covering a period of not less than 8 years.

6. Certified copies of professional and academic certificates of the teachers.

7. Supporting D.E.B minutes or extract from D.E.B minutes signed by the chairman and secretary.

8. Site/plan/sketches of the institution showing the existing facilities and future development or extension plans.

9. A copy of registration of the institution’s business name under the Business Names Act or a certified copy of the registration of the organisation as a society or limited company and a copy of the memorandum of association.

10. Registration fees (Bankers cheque made to the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology). Money/postal orders are not accepted.

Charges for registration are as follows:

  • Public schools (Provisional and re-registration) – Ksh 1,000
  • Private (Provisional registration) : Ksh 10,000
  • Private (Re and full registration) : Ksh 5,000
  • Church/Religious based schools (Provisional and re-registration): Ksh 4,000.

What it takes to start a school in Kenya?

When starting a private school in Kenya, the law requires that it should first be registered as a company. The process of registration can be found here. The second step is to register the school under the Ministry of Education.

How much is a daycare per day in Kenya?

The average cost of childcare in Kenya ranges from Ksh300 to Ksh1,000 per day depending on the location and age of the child. Estates such as Lavington, Karen, Kilimani, Upperhill, Parklands and Muthaiga are very expensive. Child care per day would go for as high as 30 US dollars (Ksh 3,000).

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