Requirements For Bolt Driver In Kenya

By | December 11, 2022

Requirements For Bolt Driver In Kenya

In this article Dashboardlogins tries to answer the question by publishing the Requirements For Bolt Driver in Kenya

Below are the Requirements For Bolt Driver In Kenya

If you want to be considered as a Bolt driver you must present the following documents and meet certain conditions.

Provide a clear picture of the vehicle.

Passport-size photo

Have a legitimate National ID or Passport

An Android or iPhone Smartphone with

GPS Police Clearance Certificate

PSV insurance sticker

NTSA report/sticker

Driver’s normal driving license

Driver’s PSV driving license

The vehicle’s Logbook

Bolt transport platform focuses on ensuring faster, easier, and more reliable urban travel in and outside Kenya. Being an international organization, it is crucial to adhere to Bolt Kenya driver requirements to protect its reputation.

Does Bolt pay well in Kenya?

The estimated base pay is KES 462,000 per year.

Cars accepted by Bolt Kenya

There are specific requirements for cars accepted by Bolt Kenya that you should know before registering your vehicle on the platform.

The vehicle year of manufacture must be:

From 2009 onwards in Nairobi

From 2008 onwards in Mount Kenya area, Kakamega, and Kisumu

From 2007 onwards in Mombasa

How do I become a Bolt driver in Kenya?

Subsequent to providing the above records and ensuring that you meet all the stated requirements, you must also sign up on their platform to create a driver account.

You will be required to upload all the necessary documents during the Bolt sign up process.

Finally, upon successful affirmation as a driver, you will need to visit their office in Nairobi for training at Azure Towers, 2nd Floor, Lantana Road, Westlands on any weekday at 11:00 am.

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