PSLE Botswana Grading System

By | January 10, 2023

PSLE Botswana Grading System

The summary of the 2022 PSLE results is as follows:

Symbol/Grade Candidature Percentage Cumulative

Grade A 9,084 18.41% 18.41%

Grade B 8,842 17.92% 36.33%

Grade C 16,850 34.16% 70.49%

Grade D 10,318 20.92% 91.41%

Grade E 4,181 8.48% 99.89%

U 35 0.07% 99.96%

X 23 0.04% 100.0%

TOTAL 49,333

The distribution of the results will be done as follows:

1. Individual Candidates: Candidates will be able to access the results through the BEC Website as well as through the SMS line 16688 across all mobile networks.

2. Distribution to Centres: The results will be distributed to the Regional Offices and to the Centres through courier services.

3. Distribution to Regional Offices: Regional Offices will access the results reports through the Malepa system as well as CDs which will be delivered through courier services.

For further enquiries please contact BEC at 3650700 or use the toll-free line at

0080 601 025.
Thank you.
Fingile Makgalemele
Corporate Communications Manager

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