List Of Zimbabwe Music Artists

By | December 14, 2022

List Of Zimbabwe Music Artists

An artist is someone with a vision who is able to create music or be able to contribute to music creation. A musician, on the other hand, is someone who plays instruments, writes, and performs music. While all musicians are artists, all artists may not necessarily be musicians.

In this article tries to answer the question by publishing the full list of Music Artists In Zimbabwe

Find below are the full list of Music Artists In Zimbabwe

Musical groups

Barura Express – band

Bhundu Boys – jit and chimurenga music band

Hohodza – band

Mbira dzeNharira – mbira band

Mechanic Manyeruke and the Puritans – gospel music group

R.U.N.N. family – mbira-inspired reggae and rhumba group

Siyaya – music and dance group


Flint Bedrock (born 1985) – pop singer-songwriter

Mkhululi Bhebhe (born 1984) – contemporary [[gospel music gospel

Charles Charamba (born 1971) – gospel singer[1]

Olivia Charamba (1999–1999) – gospel singer

Brian Chikwava (born 1971) – writer and musician

Simon Chimbetu (1955–2005) – singer-songwriter and guitarist[2]

James Chimombe (1951–1990) – singer and guitarist[2]

Musekiwa Chingodza (born 1970) – mbira and marimba player

Chirikure Chirikure (born 1962) – musician and songwriter

Stella Chiweshe (born 1946) – mbira player and singer-songwriter

Dizzy Dee (1999–1999) – Australia-based reggae artist

Leonard Dembo (1959–1996) – guitarist and singer-songwriter; member of the band Barura Express[2]

Leonard Zhakata (born 1968) – A Rusape born songwriter, poet and social commentator

Tehn Diamond (born 1985) – Zimbabwean hip hop musician and rapper

Chartwell Dutiro (born 1957) – mbira player and singer-songwriter[3]

Mbuya Dyoko (1944–2013) – mbira player

John Edmond (born 1936) – Rhodesian folk singer

Tendayi Gahamadze (born 1959) – mbira player and singer-songwriter; member of Mbira dzeNharira

Michael Gibbs (born 1937) – England-based jazz composer

Derek Hudson (1934–2005) – English-born conductor and composer

Ngonidzashe Kambarami (born 1983) – urban grooves artist

Victor Kunonga (born 1974) – Afrojazz singer-songwriter

Forward Kwenda (born 1963) – mbira player

Jah Prayzah (born 1987) – Afropop and Afrojazz musician

Berita (born 1991) – Afrosoul and Afropop singer

Hope Masike mbira player and percussionist and singer

Ignatius Mabasa (born 1971) – writer and musician

Alick Macheso (born 1968) – singer-songwriter and guitarist

Safirio Madzikatire (1932–1996) – actor and musician[2]

Takunda Mafika (1983–2011) – mbira player

Cosmas Magaya (born 1953) – mbira player

Tkay Maidza (born 1996) – Australia-based singer-songwriter and rapper

Lovemore Majaivana (born 1954) – Ndebele music singer-songwriter

Zeke Manyika (born 1955) – England-based rock and roll singer-songwriter and drummer

Leonard Mapfumo (born 1983) – urban grooves and hip hop artist

Thomas Mapfumo (born 1945) – chimurenga music artist

Chiwoniso Maraire (1976–2013) – mbira player and singer-songwriter[2]

Dumisani Maraire (1944–1999) – mbira player and singer-songwriter

Mashasha (born 1982) – guitarist and singer-songwriter

Maskiri (born 1980) – hip hop artist and rapper

Dorothy Masuka (born 1935) – South Africa-based jazz singer

Paul Matavire (1961–2005) – blind jit musician[2]

Louis Mhlanga (born 1956) – South Africa-based Afrojazz singer-songwriter and guitarist

Obi Mhondera (born 1980) – England-based pop songwriter

Eric Moyo (born 1982) – singer

Tongai Moyo (1968–2011) – sungura singer-songwriter[2]

August Msarurgwa (1920–1968) – composer

Audius Mtawarira (born 1977) – Australia-based urban grooves artist

Oliver Mtukudzi (1952–2019) – Afrojazz singer-songwriter and guitarist

Sam Mtukudzi (1988–2010) – Afrojazz musician[2]

Anna Mudeka – England-based musician

Carol Mujokoro – gospel music artist

Ephat Mujuru (1950–2001) – mbira player[2]

Mono Mukundu (born 1970) – music producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist

Prince Kudakwashe Musarurwa (born 1988) – Afrojazz musician

Isaac Musekiwa – DR Congo-based soukous artist and saxophonist

Busi Ncube (born 1963) – mbira player and singer

Albert Nyathi (born 1962) – poet and singer-songwriter

Jah Prayzah, musician

Roki (born 1985) – Madagascar-born urban grooves artist

Kingsley Sambo (1936–1977) – jazz guitarist

Herbert Schwamborn (born 1973) – Germany-based hip hop and electronic music artist; member of the band Söhne Mannheims

Jonah Sithole (1952–1997) – chimurenga music artist and guitarist[2]

Solomon Skuza (1956–1995) – pop singer-songwriter[2]

Buffalo Souljah (born 1980) – Zimdancehall and reggae artist

Shingisai Suluma (born 1971) – gospel music artist

Takura (born 1991) – house music and hip hop artist

Tocky Vibes (born 1993) – Singer Lyricist Songwriter

System Tazvida (born 1968) – singer-songwriter

Biggie Tembo Jr. (born 1988) – jit musician

Clem Tholet (1948–2004) – Rhodesian guitarist and folk singer

Garikayi Tirikoti (born 1961) – mbira player

Diego Tryno (born 1998) – urban contemporary and hip-hop musician

Viomak – protest musician and activist

Vusa Mkhaya (born 1974) – singer-songwriter

Tarisai Vushe (born 1987) – Australia-based singer who appeared on Australian Idol

Edith WeUtonga (born 1979) – Afrojazz singer-songwriter and bass guitarist

Winky D (born 1983) – dancehall and reggae artist

Jonathan Wutawunashe – gospel artist

Leonard Zhakata (born 1968) – sungura and adult contemporary music artist

Charity Zisengwe – contemporary Christian music artist

Mudiwa Hood – (born 1985) is a Zimbabwean hip hop/gospel artist and actor.

Who is the biggest artist in Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe Artists

  • Oliver Mtukudzi. 56,859 listeners.
  • Thomas Mapfumo. 33,479 listeners.
  • Chiwoniso. 24,184 listeners.
  • Stella Chiweshe. 14,838 listeners.
  • Hallelujah Chicken Run Band. 14,445 listeners.
  • Bhundu Boys. 11,850 listeners.
  • The Green Arrows. 4,131 listeners.
  • The Four Brothers. 8,920 listeners.

Who is the most popular Zimbabwean musician?

Thomas “Mukanya” Mapfumo

Who is the most paid artist in Zimbabwe?

Jah Prazyah is the first on our list of Zimbabwe’s music artists. He has produced the best videos and has collaborated with other bigger artists in Africa including Davido, Yemi Alade, Diamond Platinumz and Patoranking amongst others.

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