List Of Registered SMEs In Zimbabwe

By | December 14, 2022

List Of Registered SMEs In Zimbabwe

Small to medium enterprises (SMEs) has been defined as a venture with less than 75 employees. The chapter investigates the determinants of small to medium enterprises in Africa using Zimbabwe as a case study.

In this article tries to answer the question by publishing the full list of Registered SMEs In Zimbabwe

Find below are the full list of Registered SMEs In Zimbabwe

Navidale Textiles

Murare Car Rental

MPS Parking

Moneymart Finance

Masipe Africa (Pvt) Ltd

Marianhill Chartered Accountants

Kubota Engineering (Pvt) Ltd

July Twenty Eight (Pvt) Ltd

Glass Creations (Pvt) Ltd

Garden Basket (Pvt) Ltd

Garaquip (Pvt) Ltd

Finmas Business Consultancy

Fairvalue Management Consultancy (Pvt) Ltd

Enhanced Hygiene Solutions

Discraft (Pvt) Ltd

Denjey Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd

Capital Piping Systems (Pvt) Ltd

Allumez Capital (Pvt) Ltd

African Business Solutions Provider (Pvt) Ltd

Eberhard Services (Pvt) Ltd t/a Get Wet Borehole Drilling Services

What is the biggest company in Zimbabwe?

The Largest Companies in Zimbabwe. Delta Beverages/ Delta Corporation Limited has emerged and maintained its position as the largest company in Zimbabwe. The company has a value of US $ 742.2 million dollars. The beverage company has managed to remain relevant in the ever-dynamic market of Zimbabwe.

What is a SME in Zimbabwe?

The Small and Medium Enterprise Act of Zimbabwe (24:12) defines an SME as a business that employs 6–75 permanent employees, with an asset base of US$250,000 to US$2 million and an annual turnover of US$500,000 to US$3 million. This definition is generally used in Zimbabwe.

How do I start my own SME business?

The Small Business Checklist

  1. Identify a Business Idea.
  2. Validate Your Business Idea.
  3. Get a Memorable Business Name & Logo.
  4. Develop a Business Plan.
  5. Understand Business Finances.
  6. Choose the Right Bank for Your Small Business.
  7. Choose the Structure of Your Small Business.
  8. Get Licenses and Permits.

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