List Of Liquidated Companies In South Africa

By | January 3, 2023

List Of Liquidated Companies In South Africa

Liquidation refers to the winding-up of the affairs of a company or close corporation when liabilities exceed assets and it can be resolved by voluntary action or by an order of the court.

In this articles tries to answer the question by publishing the full list of Liquidated Companies In South Africa.

According to STATISTICS SOUTH AFRICA of liquidations and insolvencies

Below are the The Full List Of Liquidated Companies In South Africa

The total number of liquidations recorded decreased by 15,7% (34 fewer cases) in March 2022 compared with March
2021. Voluntary liquidations decreased by 41 cases, while compulsory liquidations increased by 7 cases.
The total number of liquidations decreased by 10,5% in the first quarter of 2022 compared with the first quarter of 2021.

Check all the full list Of Liquidated Companies In South Africa here

Can you buy a liquidated company?

You cannot buy a company that has been liquidated, as the company will no longer exist. However, you can buy the assets – be that stock, premises, the company name, client base, goodwill etc. Your first port of call will be to contact the Insolvency Practitioner dealing with the liquidation.

How do you check if a company is liquidated in South Africa?

The easiest way to find out about a company’s liquidation status is through the relevant ASIC-operated websites. There are several ASIC sites through which trading partners can ascertain whether a company is in liquidation and include the Published Notices website.

How many companies are liquidated in South Africa?

Over 1,400 South African businesses have been liquidated in 2022 so far, with 170 more recorded in September, data from Statistics South Africa shows.

What happens to a director of a company in liquidation South Africa?

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With liquidation in South Africa, your firm will cease to exist. You will no longer have any director powers in the firm and your employees will be retrenched as part of the process.

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