List Of Illegal Drugs In South Africa

By | January 4, 2023

List Of Illegal Drugs In South Africa

Illegal drugs are those that are not prescribed by a doctor or bought at a drugstore. They are sometimes also called “street drugs.” Some examples of illegal drugs include heroin (an opioid); cocaine (a stimulant); LSD, mescaline, PCP, methamphetamine, and psilocybin (hallucinogens).

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• Substance abuse data has been limited in SA.
• Information mostly come from ad hoc cross-sectional national surveys, that aimed to look at health issues in SA and generally substance abuse was squeezed in somewhere.
• More recently:
– national and provincial school surveys are conducted on a more regular basis.
– Increased research (intervention research) into substance abuse among vulnerable populations
(adolescents, pregnant women, MSM) and more select populations (workplaces).

• Alcohol is the most common substance of abuse among adult population in SA.
• Although a relatively low proportion of South Africans report drinking alcohol (27,9%)³, those who do often drink at harmful or hazardous levels, particularly on weekend⁴.
• Cannabis use is mostly common among youth.

Overview of illicit drugs commonly used in South Africa

Methamphetamine (known as tik in South Africa.


Comparisons of illicit drug use epidemiology: South Africa, USA and Australia

Type of drugSouth Africa, 2005) (15 yrs +)1USA, 2005 (12 yrs+)2Australia, 2004 (14 yrs +)3
Current Use of:MenWomenMenWomenMenWomen
Cannabis (past month=USA/AUS, Past 3 mos SA)
Mandrax, sedative, pain reliever, tranquilizers0.
Cocaine (crack) (0.4)0.7 (0.2)0.40.3
Opiates, heroin0.
Club drugs/ amphetamine type stimulants0.
Hallucinogens (LSD)0.20.106030.30.1

What is the cheapest drug in South Africa?

Cannabis, which is also the most widely used drug in South Africa, is the cheapest, typically costing around R3 a gram, the UN’s data showed, though hashish (made from the resin of the cannabis plant) is far more expensive (typically around R145 a gram).
This is how much money people spend on drugs in South Africa.

DrugEcstasy-type substances

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