List Of Franchises In South Africa

By | January 11, 2023

List Of Franchises In South Africa

Franchise is an authorization granted by a government or company to an individual or group enabling them to carry out specified commercial activities, for example acting as an agent for a company’s products.

In this articles tries to answer the question by publishing the full list of Franchises In South Africa

Below are the Full List Of Franchises In South Africa

There are a multitude of franchises available for purchase in South Africa. Typically, the most successful franchises in South Africa consist of fast-food franchises. Some of the more popular fast-food franchises include Steers, KFC, Chicken Licken, Mc Donalds, and Nandos. There are other franchises available in other industries such as Pick ʼn Pay, Battery Centre, Sorbet, and more.

What is the Most Profitable Franchise to Own in South Africa?

As far as the most popular and one of the most profitable franchises in South Africa goes, KFC is the winning franchise. It is definitely the most popular franchise in South Africa as there are more than 960 outlets across South Africa. It has a large customer base that is extremely loyal and rarely finds itself without at least one customer in-store, with the queue oftentimes stretching out of the allotted drive-through area.

It is important to remember that a franchise is only as successful as its owner “allows” it to be. Therefore, if you as a franchise owner are not interested in the industry within which your franchise is positioned, you might not be able to manage it to its full capacity.

Should You Sell a Franchise When It is Making Money?

Before deciding if you should sell your franchise or not when it is making you money, one should ask yourself a few questions. These questions should include whether or not you are passionate about your franchise and the industry, have you perhaps grown bored, or is it time to cash in and retire?

Where to Find a Franchise for Sale in South Africa

As franchises are extremely popular and typically make a lot of money if it is in the correct location and is run well, franchises are easy to sell. As they are great investment opportunities, they sell quickly which means you need to keep an eye out for franchises that are for sale. Business For Sale has an entire section devoted to selling and buying franchises. This ensures that a buyer can keep their eye out for the perfect purchase, while the seller knows that they have an attentive list of buyers at all times.

What is the cheapest franchise to open in South Africa?

  • Fish & Chip Co.: Roughly R645 000 starting cost plus R4400 monthly payment.
  • King Pie: Approximately R600 000 starting cost.
  • Zebro’s Chicken: Roughly R831 000 plus 4% of monthly turnover.

What is the biggest franchise in South Africa?


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