List Of Fintech Companies In Kenya

By | December 29, 2022

List Of Fintech Companies In Kenya

The term “fintech company” describes any business that uses technology to modify, enhance, or automate financial services for businesses or consumers.

In this article Dashboardlogins tries to answer the question by publishing the full List Of Fintech Companies In Kenya

Below are the full List Of Fintech Companies In Kenya

3G Direct Pay Group

3G Direct Pay Group is a company that offers e-commerce solutions by providing merchant services to businesses in Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Zanzibar, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa, Namibia, and Ethiopia. It accepts all major credit cards, mobile money, and e-wallets.


Abacus is a web building and mobile software developer that helps investors across the globe access African financial markets. The company makes it possible for both local and international investors to research and invest, anytime, anywhere.


BambaPOS is a low-cost, easy-to-implement point-of-sale and inventory management solution that aims to solve most merchant automation challenges.


Bitsoko is an Android blockchain-based mobile wallet. Branch International

Branch is a new way to access credit over a smartphone in Kenya. Customers need to fill out an application for an affordable loan that is delivered directly to their mobile money account.

The Branch app offers personalized, the responsive customer support that meets the needs. It is one of the many mobile money lending apps in Kenya.


Chura is an airtime service provider that enables buying of airtime across networks, and Mass airtime service enables companies to supply airtime to their employees at a click of a button.


ConnectAfrica is a B2B technology solution connecting various payment networks. Members of the hub can facilitate cross-network transfers. Targeted members are e-wallet providers, banks, payments service providers, and many more.

Eclectics International

Eclectics International offers tailor-made software for the banking and financial sector. The company conducts complex systems audits and evaluations for purposes of recommending their effectiveness and deployment.

Eclectics has implemented ICT systems in over 20 countries and with ongoing projects in Botswana, Zambia, Ethiopia, Southern Sudan, Cameroon, Gambia, Ghana, Malawi, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya.

iNuka Pap

iNuka Pap is a VAS proposition to SACCO members that enables them to access small amounts of cash advances.

It also as well other consumer services such as prepaid electricity, airtime, and insurance. iNuka Pap takes convenience to a new level and promises to address the customer’s small cash emergencies anywhere and anytime.JamboPay

JamboPay is an online payment gateway that allows users to make and receive payments through mobile phone over the internet.

Through JamboPay, shoppers can pay for goods and services online while sellers can receive payments for purchases made online.

JamboPay allows for mobile payments such as M-Pesa, Airtel Money, and YU-CASH, bank payments, Visa and MasterCard debit, and credit cards.LelapaFund

This is a niche crowd investment platform dedicated to African companies. The platform provides individual investors around the world with access to previously untapped investment opportunities on the African continent.

Investors can buy shares online in pre-vetted startups and small businesses whose products and services are sold on high-growth consumer markets across Africa.


Lipisha offers mobile payment solutions with features, including enhanced security, integrated payment networks, payment alerts, and more.


M-Changa is a fundraiser management platform that provides cutting edge end-to-end management tools to enhance fundraising success.Packline Systems

Packline Systems offers financial-based software services to leading financial institutions around, focusing on the provision of affordable state of the art IT solutions for African Financial Market. This company has been a leading and support Company and Trainer for over a decade.


This is an internet payment company with operations in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Malawi.

PesaPal solutions allow users to shop online, pay bills, and even buy airtime through a partnership with Orange Kenya. It is one of the top online payment platforms we have in Kenya.


WorldRemit is a mobile payment service that enables people to make real-time money transfers from debit or credit cards to mobile-money from all over the world to registered mobile money users in Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda.

Umati Capital

This is a non-bank financial institution focused on the provision of credit and related payment technologies.

What are the categories of fintech?

In this primer, we will highlight four fintech areas digital lending, payments, blockchain and digital wealth management that are of particular interest due to their rapid pace of growth, technological disruption, and regulatory and other risks.

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