List Of Castles In Luxembourg

By | December 22, 2022

List Of Castles In Luxembourg

With over one million years of history, Luxembourg has a rich and varied past interwoven with royalty, tradition, war and peace. With powerful neighbours on every side, the tiny country had need of defensive castles since the early 10th century. These, as well as an array of magnificent stately palaces, still exist in Luxembourg today, casting a light on the great historical and archeological heritage of the country.

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Bourscheid Castle

Bourscheid Castle is located near the village of Bourscheid in north-eastern Luxembourg. The medieval castle stands on a site with archeological evidence of structures dating back to Roman times. Standing majestically some 150 metres above the River Sûre, it is enclosed by a circular wall with 11 watchtowers.

Address: Schlasswee, 9140 Buerschent, Luxembourg

Vianden Castle

Vianden Castle, located in Vianden in the north of Luxembourg, is one of the largest fortified castles west of the Rhine. With origins dating from the fourth century as a Roman outpost and the 10th century, the more familiar castle form was built in the Romanesque style from the 11th to 14th centuries.

Address: Mnt du Château, 9408 Vianden, Luxembourg

Clervaux Castle

Clervaux Castle in the town of Clervaux in Northern Luxembourg dates back to the 12th century. Destroyed by the fire in the Second World War during the Battle of the Bulge, the castle has now been fully rebuilt.

Address: Mnt du Château, 9710 Clervaux, Luxembourg

Dommeldange Castle

Dommeldange Castle is located in Dommeldange, the most northerly quarter of Luxembourg City in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Initially a private residence built for the owner of the local iron works, it is now the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China.

Address: 1416 Luxembourg

Grand-Château d’Ansembourg

The New Castle of Ansembourg, in central Luxembourg is one of the castles belonging to the Valley of the Seven Castles. Located about one kilometre or just over half a mile below the Old Castle of Ansembourg, it was built by the industrialist Thomas Bidart in 1639.

Address: 10 Rue de la vallée, 7411 Helperknapp, Luxembourg

Berg Castle

Berg Castle, also called Colmar-Berg, is the principal residence of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg. It is situated in the town of Colmar-Berg, in central Luxembourg, near the confluence of the Alzette and the Attert, two of Luxembourg’s most important rivers

Address: 8-10 Rue de Mertzig, 7730 Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg

Mersch Castle

Mersch Castle in central Luxembourg is one of the castles belonging to the Valley of the Seven Castles. Located in the centre of Mersch, its history goes back to the 13th century. Today the castle houses the administrative offices of the local commune.

Address: 3 Pl. St Michel, 7556 Mersch, Luxembourg

Hollenfels Castle

Hollenfels Castle, with a history dating back to the 11th century, is one of the castles located close to the River Eisch in the Valley of the Seven Castles in central Luxembourg. Today it is used as a centre for activities for young people, including a nearby youth hostel.

Address: 7435 Helperknapp, Luxembourg

Esch-sur-Sûre Castle

Esch-sur-Sûre Castle, now a ruin, is located on a spur in the small town of Esch-sur-Sûre in the north-west of Luxembourg. It is naturally protected by a sharp meander in the River Sûre which surrounds the town and the castle on three sides.

Address: 4-6 Rue de Lultzhausen, 9650 Esch-sur-Sûre, Luxembourg

Bettendorf Castle

Bettendorf Castle is located in the village of Bettendorf in eastern Luxembourg. While there appears to have been a castle from the 13th century, today’s Baroque building dates from 1728 and was restored in 1962. The castle is privately owned and is not open to the public.

Address: 12 Rue du Château, 9353 Bettendorf, Luxembourg

Sanem Castle

Sanem Castle, located in the village of Sanem near Esch-sur-Alzette in south-western Luxembourg has a history dating back to the 13th century. Today’s building was completed in 1557 after the medieval castle had been partly destroyed. The castle still maintains much of its original character.

Address: 4992 Sanem, Luxembourg

Wiltz Castle

Wiltz Castle, located in Wiltz in the north of Luxembourg, dates back to 1573. It is now known above all for hosting an annual music festival. Part of the castle now serves as the campus of European Business University, United Business Institutes and of BBI.

Address: 35 Rue du Château, 9516 Wiltz, Luxembourg

Medieval Castle Beaufort

Beaufort Castle dating from the 11th century consists of the ruins of the medieval fortress and an adjacent Renaissance château. It is located in Beaufort in eastern Luxembourg.

Address: 24 Rue du Château, 6310 Beaufort, Luxembourg

Pettingen Castle

Pettingen Castle is located in the village of Pettingen some 4 km north of Mersch in central Luxembourg. It is one of the best preserved fortified castles in the country.

Address: 49°46’16. 6°06’25.0″E, 0 Rue de Luxembourg, 7540, Luxembourg

Useldange Castle

Useldange Castle is a medieval castle, now mainly in ruin, located in the village of Useldange in western Luxembourg. The site can be visited throughout the year with special arrangements for poorly sighted visitors.

Address: 2 Rue de l’Église, 8706 Useldange, Luxembourg

Differdange Castle

Differdange Castle, located on a hill in the centre of Differdange in southern Luxembourg, was built in 1577 although an earlier fortified castle of Differdange dates from around 1310. Today’s residential château is used by Miami University.

Address: 2 Imp. du Château, 4530 Differdange, Luxembourg

Stolzembourg Castle

Stolzembourg Castle is located on a hill in the centre of the village of Stolzembourg in north-eastern Luxembourg. The current building was built on the ruins of the medieval castle in 1898 in the style of a Scottish country house.

Address: 9464 Putscheid, Luxembourg

Burgruine Brandenbourg

Brandenbourg Castle, now a ruin, is located on a promontory some 70 metres above the village of Brandenbourg in north-eastern Luxembourg. It has a history going back to the 9th and 10th centuries when there was a wooden fort on the site.

Address: 8 Ieweschtgaass, 9361 Tandel, Luxembourg

What is the oldest castle in Luxembourg?

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Bourscheid Castle

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