List Of Business Courses In Kenya

By | December 20, 2022

List Of Business Courses In Kenya

Business studies, often simply called business, is a field of study that deals with the principles of business, management, and economics. It combines elements of accountancy, finance, marketing, organizational studies, human resource management, and operations.

In this article tries to answer the question by publishing the full List Of Business Courses In Kenya

Below are the full List Of Business Courses In Kenya

Business certificate courses in Kenya

Accountancy courses

  1. Certificate in Accountancy
  2. Craft Certificate in Accounting
  3. Craft in Accounting Technician
  4. Craft Accountancy/Craft In Accountancy
  5. Certificate In Accounting & Management Skills (CAMS)- Examined by KASNEB

Job prospects:

  • Accounting Assistant.
  • Accounts clerk
  • Bursar
  • Accounting Technician.

Banking-related courses

  1. Certificate in Banking
  2. Craft Certificate in Banking& Finance
  3. Certificate in Banking& Finance
  4. Certificate in Business Administration

Job prospects:

This course doesn’t have many jobs in Kenya and it is most suitable as a bridge to the Diploma in Banking level.

Certificate in business management in Kenya /administration courses

  1. Craft in Business Administration
  2. Craft in Business
  3. Certificate in Business Management/Craft in Business Management

Job prospects:

Customer service representative, office assistant, business development officer, etc.

Cooperative Management courses

  1. Certificate in Cooperative Management
  2. Craft Certificate in Cooperative Management/Craft In Cooperative Management

Job prospects:

You can work in SACCOs as an assistant credit officer, loan officer, etc.

Human Resources certificate courses

  1. Certificate In Human Resources Management
  2. Craft Certificate In Human Resource Management

Job prospects:

You can work in companies/firms as an HR officer/HR clerk.

Marketing-related business courses list (certificate level)

  1. Certificate in Marketing Management
  2. Marketing Level 5(TVET-CDACC)
  3. Certificate in Sales and Marketing/Craft Sales and Marketing

Job prospects:

Sales assistant, merchandiser, marketing assistant, customer service representative, etc.

Procurement-related certificate courses

  1. Certificate In Supply Chain Management/Craft In Supply Chain Management
  2. Certificate In Supplies Management/Craft Certificate In Supplies Chain Management

Job prospects:

  • Supplies officer.
  • Purchasing clerk.
  • Logistics assistant/Assistant Logistician.

Business Diploma Courses in Kenya

Here now is a list of diploma business courses in Kenya:

Diploma in business management in Kenya / Business Administration Diploma in Kenya/ Diploma In Management

Job prospects:

You can work for your own company or with luck, get recruited for jobs such as:

  1. Administrative officer.
  2. Office supervisor/administrator.
  3. Business manager
  4. Assistant operations manager
  5. Sales executive

Diploma In Wildlife Management

Job prospects:

The best prospects are in wildlife management roles in privately-owned wildlife conservancies.

Besides, you could land opportunities in NGOs that deal with nature and environmental conversation.

Diploma In Supplies Management/Diploma In Procurement& Materials Management/ Diploma In Supply Chain Management/Diploma In Purchasing & Supplies Management

Job prospects:

  1. Materials Planner.
  2. Materials Handler.
  3. Procurement officer.
  4. Purchasing specialist

List of business courses in Kenya -Other Business Diploma courses

Diploma In Road Transport Management/Diploma In Transport Management/Diploma In Logistics & Transport Management/ Freight Management/Diploma In Flight Operations/Dispatch

Job prospects:

  1. Logistics manager
  2. Transport manager.
  3. Transport supervisor.

Diploma In Public Relations(PR)

Job prospects:

  1. Advertising account executive.
  2. Marketing executive.
  3. Advertising copywriter.
  4. Public relations officer.
  5. Public affairs consultant.
  6. Sales account executive

Diploma in Project Management

Job prospects:

  1. Project Co-ordinator
  2. Contract Administrator
  3. Project Manager

Diploma in Mass Communication

Job prospects:

  1. Radio presenter.
  2. TV Broadcaster.
  3. Camera person.
  4. Print/broadcast Journalist.
  5. Digital journalist

Diploma in Front Office Operations& Customer Care

Job prospects:

  1. Customer care supervisor
  2. Customer relationship officer.
  3. Front office manager
  4. Front office coordinator

Diploma in Marketing/Diploma in Sale& Marketing

Job prospects:

  1. Public relations manager.
  2. Public relations officer.
  3. Market researcher.
  4. Marketing/sales executive.
  5. Business development officer.

Diploma In Human Resource/Human Resource Management/Personnel Management

Job prospects:

  1. Human resources assistant
  2. Payroll specialist
  3. Recruiter
  4. Human resources specialist
  5. Employee relations manager
  6. Labor relations specialist.

Diploma in Housekeeping Management/Housekeeping and Laundry

Job prospects:

  1. Housekeeper
  2. Housekeeper Attendant

Diploma In Technology(Event& Convention Management)

Job prospects:

  1. Events Coordinator
  2. Wedding Planner
  3. Event Marketer
  4. Restaurant/Pub Manager
  5. Tourism Officer

Diploma In Environmental Management

Job prospects:

  1. Biodiversity officer
  2. Environmental analyst
  3. Environmental officer
  4. Safety officer

Diploma In Credit Management

Job prospects:

  1. Credit manager
  2. Credit controller.

Diploma in County Governance And Ethics

  1. Director -Ethics and Governance in county governments

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