How To Write An Application Letter In Zimbabwe

By | January 2, 2023

How To Write An Application Letter In Zimbabwe

An application letter is a summary of your strongest and most relevant skills and abilities that will be expanded in your resume or selection criteria. It introduces you to potential employers and highlights your suitability for the position you are applying for.

In this article tries to answer the question by publishing How To Write An Application Letter In Zimbabwe

Below are How To Write An Application Letter In Zimbabwe

A job application letter is also well known as a cover letter, which is sent or uploaded along with your resume when applying for jobs. While your resume displays a history of your work experience and showcases your accomplishments and skills, the cover letter clarifies to an employer that why you are qualified for the job position and should be picked for the interview. So, below we have explained how you should format a job application letter when applying for jobs.

Steps For Writing A Job Application Letter

1. Opening

Write a Catchy Subject Line:

The subject line of your job application letter should be in brief and catchy, which can retain the attention of a recruiter or hiring manager. Make sure the subject line should inform the reader about which job you are applying for. For example, write

Job application for the position of Python Developer

Instead of

“CV for Python Developer” or “Applying for Job”

If your subject line is unable to inform the recruiter about what included in the email, then your application will be thrown into the trash.


If you know the name of the person, you are writing to, always address them by their name in the salutation. This will add a personal touch to the message. For example, write:

You should use “Dear Mr.(last name)/Ms.(last name)/Mrs. (last name)” or “Hi (first name)”.

Instead of

“Dear Sir/Ma’am” or “To whoms it may concern”

If you do not know the name of the concerned person, you can use “Dear Sir/Madam”.

List your contact information at the top:

When drafting your job application letter, it should be in a readable format following with proper layout and font, which can be easy for an employer to understand and contact you. There are some important aspects which a candidate has to make sure it should be appropriately aligned, such as:

  • The document should be aligned to the left
  • Include the current date and then, detached by a blank line, add your contact information like Name, address, Phone number, email address, LinkedIn profile and if you have a personal website.

Include the company’s information:

After you comprise your information, you need to include the name of an employer to whom you’re applying for the job, their job designation, the name of the company and address. It is always beneficial to research about the company and find the hiring manager name, but in case you couldn’t find the name of the concerned person you can visit the website and social media profiles of a company to find the head of the department to which you are applying. Example: You can write the “Department” Hiring Manager.

Address your letter to the person whom you are writing:

To start your letter, you want to be formal and initiate with a proper address. Don’t address it informally which does not suit best and gives the bad impact. If you don’t have the hiring manager’s name, you can draft it like “Dear (Department) Hiring Manager” will do.

2. Body

Write the first paragraph appealing

It is the main part of a job application letter, which should be open with strong, declarative statements that inform the reader that you’re interested in applying for the job position at the company. Do not exceed with a lot of information in the first paragraph instead try to be short and specific, which shows the employer what makes you interested in applying for the particular job position. Use such words which can clearly make a good impact over to an employer that signify you are not only familiar with the company’s work but that you’re a good fit by writing it in an identical tone of the company.

Mention where did you find this job position

Always remember when you’re applying for a job, do some research about the company and see if you have any known person in contact with that same company. If you have any connection then mentioning his or her reference will be beneficial and If not, still be sure where did you find this job either from some newspaper or any job portal or any other medium.

Describe why hiring you will serve the employer:

It is vital for a candidate to overlook his or her accomplishments and experience and pick out one or two examples which can highlight you’ll be a great fit for this job role. Every job designation has its roles and responsibilities for example if you’ve applied for lead manager role then you need to figure out and match with your accomplishments that you have those skills which can state you can lead a team and handle multiple projects at once. And when defining this, why hiring you will be beneficial to an employer, try to use stats like an increase in revenue or cut down on cost under your leadership qualities.

Summarize you qualification, strengths and experience:

When drafting out your qualifications and work experience, mention the most recent one in the top and then list below the other ones. Refer to your resume and your skill section from your outline to elaborate your qualifications and skills. In addition, acknowledge your most recent accomplishments, which is a good start, that state you have done something in the previous that fits perfectly to the requirements.

Portray a picture of yourself that’s not on your resume:

It is always an easy way for an employer to go through your CV and figure it out what you’ve done in your previous job. But apart from it expressing how the company has impacted you personally. If you are applying to your dream job, chances are this company somehow shaped your life.

3. Ending

  • Ending your job application letter with the right note is essential, recap why you’re the perfect candidate for the job in one line.
  • Provide your contact information again and express it like you would love the opportunity to speak further by thanking the hiring manager.
  • Sign off by writing “Yours Sincerely or Best” and then underneath you write your full name and consider including a signature.

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