How To Divorce In Zimbabwe

By | January 2, 2023

How To Divorce In Zimbabwe

In this article tries to answer the question by publishing How To Divorce In Zimbabwe

Below are How To Divorce In Zimbabwe

Our practitioners understand that family law matters are often punctuated by emotion and are difficult on the parties involved. With sound, realistic advice to clients, we pride ourselves in ensuring that our clients’ rights are protected. We have extensive experience in matrimonial and family law. Our services include:

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  • Divorce litigation
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  • Child and spousal maintenance litigation

How do I get divorced in Zimbabwe?

To get divorced in Zimbabwe, you need to get a court order for divorce. The divorce order is given by the High Court of Zimbabwe. One spouse should apply for divorce and the court process for divorce must be followed to completion.

What does a divorce order say?

The High Court divorce order will say that the divorce is granted and it may contain various terms of the divorce as applicable such as : property distribution in divorce, spousal maintenance after divorce , custody of children after divorce, access rights to children after divorce, maintenance of children after divorce, etc. 

How much does a divorce cost in Zimbabwe?

If the spouses agree to a divorce as well as the divorce terms it is a divorce by consent called an “uncontested divorce” which is quicker and less expensive. This is where both spouses sign the divorce papers agreeing to the terms and asking for a divorce order. In the High Court the cost of divorce by consent, where both agree to a divorce and sign the divorce papers, can be in the range of USD800 to USD2,000 for a simple divorce.

What happens if we cannot agree on the terms of the divorce ?

Where one spouse is not consenting to divorce, the spouse refuses to sign the divorce papers, and refuses to agree to the divorce, it is a “contested divorce” which is more time consuming and costly.

Such a divorce process will proceed as a contested divorce case and can go all the way as a full divorce trial at court.  In the High Court the cost of a contested divorce, where one or both are not agreeing to sign the divorce papers, is charged on a time-spent basis and the legal costs for a divorce is likely to be in the range of USD2,000 up to USD8000 or more for a complicated divorce or a contested divorce in Zimbabwe

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