How To Apply For A Zimbabwe Passport

By | January 2, 2023

How To Apply For A Zimbabwe Passport

Passport is an official document issued by a government, certifying the holder’s identity and citizenship and entitling them to travel under its protection to and from foreign countries.

In this article tries to answer the question by publishing How To Apply For A Zimbabwe Passport

Below are How To Apply For A Zimbabwe Passport


A personal appearance at the Embassy is required for fingerprinting and authentication of documents.

Passport Office hours: Monday – Thursday, 9am – 3pm (closed on Fridays, and US and Zimbabwe holidays). No appointment necessary.

These original documents, plus clear photocopies, must be produced when applying for a passport:

1. Long Birth Certificate (or Adoption Order, if applicable) – if you have a short birth certificate, you may obtain a long one by authorizing your relative in writing to obtain one for you through the Registrar of Births in Harare

2. National Identity Card (or green paper NID with attached photo and printed NID number) – order of names should be as they appear on the NID and Birth Certificate, and spellings have to be consistent throughout – note:

NID is required for all applicants 16 yrs and older

3. Two (2) passport colour photos (size 3,5 x 4,5 cm) – photo requirements: white background, appearance black/dark grey/navy blue shirt/top/dress (no spaghetti straps), only prescription sunglasses are allowed, no jewelry, natural hair tied back, face front with both ears visible

4. Marriage Certificate/National Identity Card in married name/Divorce Order/Spouse’s Death Certificate, if applicable

5. Old passport or Emergency Travel Document, if any:

a. Old-type passport (big) – copies of pages 1-5 (renewable any time)

b. New-type passport (small) copy of inside back cover (renewable up to 6 months before expiry)

6. Citizenship Certificate dated August 2001 or later – applicants who were born outside Zimbabwe or whose one or both parent(s) was/were born outside Zimbabwe must renounce the other citizenship by having that country’s

Embassy issue a Renunciation Certificate, which should be taken to the Citizenship Office in Harare in person (Citizenship Certificates are only issued in Zimbabwe)

7. Police report (for lost passport)

8. FEES:

a. US$45 for form and authentication – to be paid at the Embassy in money order, bank cheque, or cashier’s cheque (no cash or personal cheque) Plus passport processing fees – to be paid in Zimbabwe in cash:

b. Ordinary – US$50

c. 3 business days – US$253

d. 24 business hours – US$318

9. If a child under 18 yrs is applying for a passport, Section 5 of the form must be completed by the parent – a legal guardian can also sign Section 5 if he/she can produce documentary proof of guardianship – a clear copy of the

National ID or valid passport of the parent/legal guardian is required

10. Any documents (such as marriage certificates, divorce orders, guardianship/custody court orders, etc.) which were obtained outside Zimbabwe for the purpose of changing personal identities must be authenticated by the courts or countries of origin and sealed at the Home Offices of the respective countries


These forms must be completed prior to arrival at the Embassy:

1. P.34 Form – See this form below. Print blank form, then complete by hand.

 Answer ALL questions as best as you can

 #14 (next of kin) – Write the person whom you authorize to submit your application on your behalf (must be a relative living in Zimbabwe, preferably bearing your last name)

2. P.1 Form – See this form at Complete online, then print in color.

 Complete in block letters in black ink

 If an item does not apply to you, leave the box blank

 Must be signed in front of the Passport Officer

 Specific guidelines:


 ID Number – located on your NID, birth certificate, or passport

 Birth Entry Number – located on your birth certificate in the lower-left corner

 Surname – last name

 Other Names – first/second/third name

 Maiden Name – for married women only

 Has name been changed? – Tick “yes” if your old passport bears your maiden name and you want to apply

for a new passport in your married name, otherwise tick “no.”

 Place of Birth – as it appears on your birth certificate (#3) or old passport

 Height – conversion: 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters

 Residential Address – physical address in the USA

 Country of Permanent Residence – write “USA” if you have a US Permanent Resident Card, otherwise

write “Zimbabwe”


 To be completed only by married woman, divorced or widowed

 Marriage Order Number – located on your marriage certificate issued in Zimbabwe in the upper-right


 State if married more than once – if “yes” is ticked, #7 on page 2 must be completed


 Next of Kin – must be the same person listed on #14 of your P.34 form


 Tick the appropriate box

 Were you ever issued with a passport? – if “lost” is ticked, #6 must be completed

 Sign and date in front of the Passport Officer


 To be completed only for a child under 18 years

 Must be completed by the parent whose NID or valid passport is being provided


 To be completed only for a lost or stolen passport


 To be completed only for a woman who has been married more than once


 Sign both signature boxes in front of the Passport Officer. Do not touch the red lines or go outside the provided space.

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