How To Apply For A Luxembourg Passport

By | December 18, 2022

How To Apply For A Luxembourg Passport

In this article tries to answer the question by publishing How To Apply For A Luxembourg Passport.

Luxembourg Passport Application process

A written application must be submitted to the authorities of your local commune of residence. An application form is available from the Ministry of Justice as well as from the website

Documents must be translated into French or German by a sworn translator, and it is important to either submit the original of documents or provide a certified copy. All documents must have recent dates within the year.

The Ministry of Justice may request other documents if it deems it necessary. All documents attached to the application must have a €4 stamp for civil status deeds and €2 for other documents.

Necessary documents

  • a birth certificate (and that of any minor children of the applicant);
  • accurate biographical information from the questionnaire model from the site and on this site (;
  • residence certificates covering the last seven years of living in Luxembourg. There certificates are available from your local municipal or commune of residence;
  • a certified authentic copy of the passport;
  • police record(s) covering the last 15 years;
  • a pass certificate for the Luxemburgish language test;
  • a certificate of attendance of civic instruction classes.

While the application is under examination, you may not leave the country. This can be up to eight months, as the Minister of Justice gives a positive or negative response to the application within eight months from submission. Suspension might happen if more information is necessary or there are significant changes during the application. If the application is refused, you can appeal before the administrative court within three months from being notified.

Citizenship by birth

Lastly, the children of Luxembourg citizens are Luxembourg nationals – wherever in the world they are born. In return, children born in Luxembourg to non-Luxembourg parents can also claim Luxembourg nationality if one or more of their parents was also born in Luxembourg. A child adopted by a Luxembourg citizen is also entitled to full citizenship.

Contact organizations

Ministry of Justice
Service de l’indigénat (nationality department)
L‐2934 Luxembourg
Tel. +352 247‐84547 / 84538

Association de Soutien aux Travailleurs Immigrés (Association for Support of Immigrant Workers)
10‐12, rue Auguste Laval
L‐1922 Luxembourg
+352 43 83 33 – 1

Institut National des Langues (National Institute of Languages – information on and enrolment in language courses)
21, boulevard de la Foire
L ‐1528 Luxembourg
Tel. (+352) 26 44 30 ‐ 1

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