Bachelor Of Accounting Science At University Of Cape Town (UCT)

By | December 29, 2022

Bachelor Of Accounting Science At University Of Cape Town (UCT)

The College of Accounting has been proudly educating accounting graduates at UCT for over a century.

Our diverse groups of graduates are in demand in both the private sector and the public sector and are well regarded both locally and on the international scene.

Accounting is a broad discipline that includes:

• Financial Reporting
• Management Accounting and Finance
• Taxation and 
• Governance and Auditing

Accountants communicate financial information to investors, lenders, management, entrepreneurs, financial analysts, government and regulatory bodies, and unions. 

Successful professional accountants are leaders who have a strong sense of ethical behaviour; think logically and strategically; communicate effectively; have the ability to apply sound judgement, and enjoy working with people.

The College of Accounting offers a range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Accounting and is accredited with various South African and international accounting institutes.

Here are the diplomas and degrees available:

The College offers the 3-year financial accounting undergraduate programmes with the following options, referred to as streams:

The Accounting and Law option is designed for students who are interested in a law career with a commercial background and may wish to continue with an LLB degree. 

Students who would like to become professional chartered accountants – CA(SA) can either complete the three-year BCom specialising in Financial Accounting: Chartered Accountant or the four-year BBusSc specialising in Finance with Accounting offered by the Department of Finance and Tax.

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